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Post Demo convention

After listening to Joe Biden's acceptance speech:

“Make no mistake” is a mistaken term. Politics is the practice of constant mistakes, and then mitigating them, ignoring them, denying them, decrying them, reversing them. Whenever a politician says “make no mistake” in speech or statement I see doubt and dread; what commitment are they pantomiming? How can they charge into a statement with such a qualifier?

Biden’s indignant, righteous, channeling of the grief over his son’s death into a reminder of the knee the GOP is putting on the precarious lives, health and economy of this country needs no hesitation. He hits it when he speaks of DT as selling-out our country to dictators, violating our constitution, threatening our security, and what remains of democracy and the institutions that built it out so that more might prosper. Joe, you’re old; you don’t have to be so nice anymore. Let Kamala charge them while you charge in, the old knight trampling the feudal lord locked in his castle with sycophants and whores.

From Harris’ speech accepting nomination “None of us are free until all are free.” Sadly, this is no more true than saying that we are “speaking truth to power.” Power doesn’t care, and there are many who feel no pain from the oppressions of others. They do not desire a part in “the beloved community.” Their community is something you purchase, a country club requiring bona fides in finance and fraud. Please Sen. Harris, be fierce, and let Joe do faux-friendly, or work out good cop/bad cop so the GOP doesn’t know at which time you will play which part. Pushing DT out (is defenestration too much to ask for?) and then pushing Biden up and (eventually) over and out is the political evolution necessary for this country to live up to its aspirations.

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