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Believe/Remember. Reasoning with a war


January 2, 2024


If you believe one atrocity is best avenged by another, remember; an eye for an eye

leads to all being blind

If you believe “surgical” strikes on hospitals, schools and homes won’t kill doctors,

patients, students, and civilians, remember; surgery is best practiced by those

doctors, not soldiers.

If you believe the hospitals, homes and schools might hide tunnels, remember; bombing

destroys the evidence.

If you believe the facts of war must be reported, remember; journalists are being

slaughtered. We lose their eyes while they lose their lives.


If you believe in the right to protest the actions of your own government but not those it

supports, remember; your taxes are supporting both.

If you believe students protesting a war are more dangerous than the politicians funding

it, remember; the students are marching, not killing.

If you believe in education but not in the freedom to learn others’ beliefs, can you

remember being taught how and not what to think?


If you believe one side should stay on their side, but you and yours may cross your

bridge at any time, remember; that is how to form a prison, not a homeland

If you believe one side are “settlers” and the other side “savages,” remember where you

are living, how you got there, and how you manage to remain.

If you believe others should wander in the desert forever but not you and yours, that

desert has desiccated your soul.

If you believe you are David, remember; you too can grow into a Goliath


If you believe what you believe is all anyone should believe, remember; that is not belief

but dogma.

If you believe you remember, but the other side does not, you have forgotten your

shared humanity.


If you believe I am talking only to you, that you are a target, remember; when we say

“you” we really mean “we.”

If you believe others’ beliefs led to this war, remember; the way out might be the bridge

you are guarding.


©️ 2024 Jeff McMahon

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Jan 03

Thoughtful, articulate.... thank you

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