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    I started creating work in the early 1980's, yearning to be a synthesis of Robert Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Eric Bogosian, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Nina Simone and Stanley Kubrick. Uh-huh! I started working and eventually lost track of whom I was imitating, allowing my voice to find its own texture, timing, and appropriate form. Now I move from solo live performance to media to plays to nonfiction essays to songs, hoping my grasp of (and grasping at) form has arrived at a communicative synthesis of style and substance. When art embraces the agony of contemporary life, not acceding to it but goosing and prodding, we get (as we give) better. Increasingly I think of Edward Albee, Tarrell Alvin McCraney, Caryl Churchill, David Hare, Wallace Shawn, Suzan-Lori Parks, Dennis Potter, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Bill Viola, Taylor Mac. And myself. Simultaneously. The list continues to grow, because it must. I begin with writing, moving. Sometimes I need media to push out or provide a screen, an angle. So much of our lives draw off of media sources, and we should seize those tools in a cross-historical manner if post-modernism is going to be worth living in. I made an 8-minute film based on a live monologue I wrote, translating it into media space. I wrote a bunch of short monologues and Covid-19 moved those live pieces into the virtual. This is how words get distributed now. Yet I still return to print, the physical object, physical space and time, one person alone in a room. My work is about sense and sensibility, a perspective I invite you into. I’m a lyric writer who never mastered music, so must find other ways to lure you into that sensibility. I depend on stacking, layering, more than a narrative line or arc. For 21 years I lived in several places; teaching in Arizona and returning often to my homebases and family in NY and CA. In 2022 I retired from teaching fulltime and returned to NY. I no longer really know what the “art community" is; broadening/diversifying has made it hard to encapsulate, which is a kind of victory. When my colleagues and I careen from committee meetings to a show at MOMA to Jane the Virgin to Hilton Als to David Foster Wallace to fascinated distress at the selfies taken at Kara Walker's show at Domino, I try to listen for the through-lines. I want to work with collaborators, cast and crew (younger than me, former students) to move my work/our work beyond my peripheral vision. I need help, but that is part of the work itself. I'm currently focused on writing, while also studying singing (again!) this time with Ira Siff, and learning how to sight read music at the Kaufman Center.
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    JEFF MCMAHON’s live work blending text with movement and media has been presented throughout the world. His live performance and media work has been presented at Performance Space 122 (now Performance Space/New York), Dance Theater Workshop (now New York Live Arts), The Kitchen, PS 1 (now MOMA PS1), LACE, Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Jacob's Pillow, Highways, National Sawdust, Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, Dance Works (Toronto), New Television (public broadcast), IMZ Dance screen, New Festival/Int. Fest of Lesbian/Gay film, and numerous other venues in the Americas, U.K. and Europe. His nonfiction writing has been published in 50 Key Figures in Queer US Theatre (Routledge 2023), Table Talk: From the Threepenny Review (Counterpoint Press 2015), Innovation in Five Acts: Strategies for Theatre and Performance ed. Caridad Svich (TCG 2015), LOST AND FOUND; Dance New York, HIV/AIDS, Then and Now (Danspace Project 2016), Culture Wars (New Press), Poor Dancer's Almanac (Duke Univ. Press), Hyperallergic, The Guardian, Performance Research, TDR/The Drama Review, Kenyon Review Online, Contact Quarterly, PAJ/Performing Arts Journal, City Limits, Teaching Tolerance, The Threepenny Review, Movement Research, Gay/Lesbian Review Worldwide, Response: The Digital Journal of Popular Cultural Scholarship, Contemporary Theatre Review Backpages and The New England Review. See resume for complete list. Early training includes theater/dance at Reed College and with Joan Skinner, Mangrove Collective, James Tyler, Ruth Zaporah, Jeanette Lovetri, and David Schein. He received eight Fellowships and two Project Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Fellowship from the NY Foundation for the Arts, and funding from the NY State Council on the Arts and the Arizona Commission on the Arts. His work has been reviewed by many publications and is archived at the New York Public Library of Performing Arts Dance Collection, the Live Art Study Room in London, and the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and politics, as well as on his personal Vimeo site Please see resume for full list. In 1998, he completed a Master of Fine Arts in the Writing Program, School of the Arts, Columbia University, after completing a BA in Interdisciplinary Art at SUNY/Empire State College in 1995. In 2001, he was invited to be Resident Artist with the Institute for Studies in the Arts and Senior Lecturer in Theatre at Arizona State University, and in 2005 appointed Assistant Professor in the School of Theatre and Film. In 2011 he became a tenured Associate Professor and in Spring 2020 promoted to Professor. In May 2022 he retired from ASU to become Professor Emeritus in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre. He has taught at Instituto Superior de Arte (Cuba), Dartington College(U.K.), Glasgow School of Art, the Center for New Dance Development (Netherlands), Kutztown Univ., Otis Art Institute, Art Center College of Design, and California Inst. of the Arts. He chaired and served on panels for the College Art Assoc., Performance Studies Int., Hemispheric Inst. for Performance and Politics, the Assoc. for Theater in Higher Education, the Performance Art, Culture, Pedagogy Symposium at Penn State Univ., Modern Language Assoc., the Rothermere American Institute at Univ. of Oxford, and the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality. He has been a writing fellow at the Edward F. Albee Foundation in Montauk, NY, and at the Fundación Valparaíso in Mojácar, Spain. His book, Six Monologues 1990-2007 by Jeff McMahon, (NoPassport Press) was published in 2018.
    SIX MONOLOGUES 1990-2007: Read Jacki Apple's review in Fabrik (also reviewed in Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide (Nov-Dec 2019) & TDR (Spring 2020) "Provocative, witty, daring and compassionate, these works are a testament to McMahon's singular vision." Caridad Svich, playwright, translator, editor, publisher of NoPassport Press "Years ago, at PS122 in New York, I watched a pajama-clad Jeff McMahon circumnavigate the lip of an antique bathtub in which another performer was taking a bath. Nimble and precise and practically glowing with intention, he circled the bather again and again: a mesmerizing tightrope-walk of everyday elements. Now, in this trenchant collection, McMahon performs a similar trick. Here are the identical instincts: the deftness and intelligence, the foundational sense of imagery; the surprising grace and, most of all, that same keen ability to hold an audience." Dave King, Author of The Ha-Ha "Jeff McMahon's performances sear us in a fever dream of poetics, politics and unflinching personal witness. His fierce collision of social texts and equal opportunity "j'accuse" claims a rigorous performance vision that unsparingly unpacks society and self. From a child's peering over the backseat of his Grandmother's car driving thru L.A, to an unblinking witness to 9/11 McMahon takes us on a wild journey thru our times. Buckle your seat belt and dare to ride shotgun as you turn the pages of this powerful collection." Tim Miller, Performer and author of Body Blows and 1001 Beds "I have long respected and admired Jeff's work because it is deeply considered, unsentimental and brutally honest. Because Jeff is quintessentially a generous human being, his words (be them on a page or on a stage) have helped me to deepen the understanding of my own identity and of my own experiences as a gay immigrant." Antonio Ocampo-Guzman (director and professor, Northeastern University) "Your beautiful collection of works pop off the page" Mark Russell:, former Exec. Dir of Performance Space 122 (NYC) and Founding Director of Under the Radar Festival "Jeff McMahon' s incredibly beautiful, sharp and vibrant new book of performance texts about the multiple intersections of self and queerness and cultural history.” Alistair McCartney, author of The Disintegrations “This collection of McMahon's powerful monologues (over 17 years of ever-evolving work), forces the reader to confront the cruelty of our recent wars--both military and cultural-- as well as 9/11, homophobia, the illogics of creeping and open fascism, police brutality, and much more. The intensity of the imagery is leavened by brilliant wordplay. This is a must read for spoken word artists, monologists-- the only thing better than reading these pieces would be to attend a live McMahon performance.” L.M. Bogad, author of Electoral Guerrilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements, and Tactical Performance: The Theory and Practice of Serious Play STRAIGHT TALK: “…shows off McMahon's deft, even daredevil writing and a quicksilver ensemble of actors-portraying a shifting assortment of young folks talking about hook-ups they have or might like to have, what they think about themselves and about others. They negotiate McMahon's torrent of words, often at physical and emotional fever pitch, without tripping on their tongues and hurting themselves. There's a certainly huge, huge amount of unconscious here--some of it black, some of it queer, quite a bit of it straight but suspect. A couple of sections--the opener featuring Brine and Kraigher; a later duet for Jennings and Nelson--work brilliantly, and I'd happily revisit them.” From the blog InfiniteBody by Eva Yaa Asantewaa 2010 HEEL: “ It is without doubt the most engaging performance I have seen at ASU and many places beyond, solo or otherwise. The magic of the performance was evidenced in the juxtaposition of your gutsy presence in the multiple roles laced with such intelligent, informed and insightful interpretations and expressions through the writing, the distilled yet riveting imagery through your own body movement, your intimate relationships with props, as well as the extended body effects so beautifully integrated with the various audio and video technologies.” Richard Loveless, founding director, Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State Univ. 2002 “I thought it was a brilliant work. It was enormously challenging intellectually, and I think there are enough of us here who like intellectual theater to make a dent in the anti-intellectual bias that artificially permeates the air. A good storm will wash it out, and Heel was a storm.” Audience member/ASU faculty 2002 PROJECT DESIRE: “Elegant, strong, emotional, restrained; Project Desire is a mature work of captures the uncertain reality of the human experience in a way words can’t..combines Webb’s strength and pin-point articulation, Jeff McMahon’s swift, sardonic, tender American commentaries.” Pamela Anthony The Edmonton Journal July 1997 OTHER WORK: --My work from 1980's featured in Jacki Apple's Performance/Media/Art/Culture (Intellect books) “McMahon’s memoirs are elegies for and celebrations of people and places that scar him to contemplate. He conjures the gay baths--”ghettos of unornamented desire”. And “supermasochist” Bob Flanagan, whose joyous suffering McMahon fears is too close to his fantasies and whose complexity he absorbs with awe: “What happens when the unspeakable is deliberately practiced?” Laurie Stone The Village Voice February 11-18, 1998 "McMahon's dazzlingly liquid stream-of-consciousness rants and raves are like lifting the lid off the skull of a self-aware man, and taking a peek inside...a thrilling and often moving collage of angst and insight...the effect is difficult to forget. The feeling is deep, and beautifully illustrated." Pamela Anthony The Edmonton Journal May 7, 1994 "Bitter, funny, occasionally grandiose and hysterical, City of God seems to trace the movement of the mind itself as McMahon sings, talks, and dances" Laura Molzahn The Chicago Reader February 25, 1994 "a riveting performer and a very smart observer-participant in a perilous world." Deborah Jowitt The Village Voice December 21, 1993 "...a funny, agile poet of a performance artist...exhilarating" Jennifer Dunning The New York Times December 6, 1993 "...a magnificent mover-deeply eloquent, deceptively effortless" Lewis Segal The Los Angeles Times September 6, 1993 "Endowed with a technique of breathtaking energy, McMahon is obsessed with the nomenclature of social ills. He tosses them out into the public domains and dances around them as if his life depended on it...A dancer, monologuist, political commentator, and dream-time skater-reminding me of no one less than Charlie Chaplin spinning on the gears of social machinery." Ned Bobkoff The Magazine Santa Fe October 1992 "How is it that Jeff McMahon's solo is so fresh and vivid? Mastery of style, tone, and technique are the crucial factors. McMahon weaves snatches of song (martial, devotional, pop) and narrative (mocking, dreamy, confessional) into a grimly witty indictment of attitudes behind the Gulf War" Cathy Curtis The Los Angeles Times November 11, 1991 "He modulates both voice and movement so quickly that one thinks he has flipped his mental channels. Part poet, part preacher, part rapper and dancer, he presents a patter of stream-of-conscious language that is brilliant and filled with metaphors and snatches of cliches." J.L. Conklin The Baltimore Sun February 9, 1991 "McMahon slithers through space with an almost surreptitious grace, as if continually avoiding collision...his arms weave a language of gesture...It was a wonderful blend of activist theater and pure movement." Michael Crabb The Toronto Star October 4, 1990 "I found myself praying for a megaphone for all Miami to hear...Relentless and brilliant...and every single moment was fascinating" Bill Spring The Miami Beach Antenna November 9, 1990 "an intense and driven monologuist who moves with the elasticity of warm putty and the lightness of a leaf buffeted by changeable winds. Mind and body are blended inextricably...a tour de force of performing...a mesmerizing litany that has the rhythmic repetitions, the dynamics and the aural subtleties of a piece of music." Jennifer Dunning The New York Times March 9, 1990 "His words build litanies I never can remember exactly afterward and am too mesmerized to write down...savage, mordantly funny" Deborah Jowitt The Village Voice November 29, 1988 "DISCONTENTS is an activist dance/theater work; McMahon wants us disturbed enough to do something. He probes the multifarious rifts in the social and psychic fabric and forces them a little wider. He revels in sinuous, twitchy, flicking moves, and his tracks through space are narrow corridors...he is fascinating to watch..amazingly fluid, sharp talk" Burt Supree The Village Voice March 27, 1990 "Dance hardly sums up what McMahon does. His tense, repetitive movements are accompanied by his words built into a phrase, a phrase added onto a phrase, a phrase transformed into a litany...McMahon should be mandatory viewing." John Stickney DIALOGUE August 1989 "A stunning dancer, McMahon's balance and precision etch his pain with acid" Lucia Dewey September 7, 1988 "…both austere and obsessive. {Rate of Exchange} is like a long, low shriek against the distortions of modern life…a dance of nerves, of rising tension." Sally Banes The Village Voice October 26, 1982
    In 1998, Jeff completed a Master of Fine Arts Degree in the Writing Program of the School of the Arts, Columbia University, with an emphasis on nonfiction writing, after having received his BA in Interdisciplinary Art from the State University of New York/Empire State College in 1995. From 2001-2003, Jeff was Resident Artist/Senior Lecturer in Theatre at the Institute for Studies in the Arts (now Arts, Media+Engineering) at Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts at Arizona State University. From 2003-2005, he was Senior Lecturer/Interim Director of the MFA Performance program in the School of Theatre, becoming Assistant Professor in 2005. In 2011, Jeff was promoted with tenure to the position of Associate Professor in the School of Theatre and Film (becoming the School of Film, Dance and Theatre) at ASU, and in 2020 advanced to Professor in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre at the Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts at ASU. He retired in 2022 and is now Professor Emeritus. Jeff taught Introduction to Movement for Actors, Solo and Collaborative Performance, Advanced Acting: Beyond Realism, Queer Plays and Films, Creating Monologues and Performing Stories, and created Living the Arts, exploring the downtown Phoenix arts scene for the newly opened ASU downtown campus. He taught Solo Performance for the MFA Performance program, and the MFA Dramatic Writers' workshop. For 2020-2022, Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) asked him to co-teach his DBR Lab, resulting in a class presentation at National Sawdust in NYC in 2022. Jeff coordinated a collaborative project with the Mayo Clinic Hospital, employing MFA Theatre students to role-play patients and family members, allowing nurses to practice palliative care for those facing a life threatening illness. He mentored MFA candidate Adam Pinti's successful application for a Princess Grace scholarship. Jeff was on the interdisciplinary team that created the Certificate program in Socially Engaged Practice (SEP) at ASU in 2012 and the Performance and Movement major in 2016. Jeff has taught and given presentations as a visiting artist at Instituto Superior de Artes (Havana, Cuba), Dartington College (U.K.), Glasgow School of Art, the Center for New Dance Development (Arnhem, the Netherlands), artsadmin (London), Arts University (Brno, Czech Republic), Univ. of Nevada/Las Vegas, Univ. of Southern California, Scripps College, University of LaVerne , Columbia College, (Chicago), Univ. of California, Cleveland State University, State Univ. of NY/Brockport, Martha's Vineyard Public Schools, Los Angeles Poverty Dept. (Theater Group), Otis Art Institute; Fieldston Performing Arts Inst. (NYC), and Barnsdall Art Park (LA). He has held appointments as adjunct professor at Kutztown University, Otis Art Institute, Art Center College of Design, and the California Institute of the Arts. From 1983-2001, he worked as a teaching artist in aesthetic education and creative movement with Hospital Audiences, Inc., Lincoln Center Institute, Young Audiences/NY, Arts Horizons, Orchestra of St. Lukes, Little Meadows Early Childhood Center, ArtsGenesis, and the North Carolina Arts Council. He has published essays regarding his teaching experiences and philosophy in TDR, PAJ , and Teaching Tolerance. He has chaired and served on panels for the College Art Association, the Assoc. for Theater in Higher Education, Modern Language Association, Rothermere American Institute at Univ. of Oxford, Performance Studies International, Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality, American Dance Guild, and the New York Foundation for the Arts/Common Ground.
    LIVE PERFORMANCE WORK: HALLWAY reading from work-in-progress. First Mondays series curated by Sarah Schulman and shared with Karen Finley, Laurie Stone. Performance Space New York November 2023 QUALIFIED IMMUNITY excerpts performed by former ASU students. Dixon Place (NYC) July 2022; excerpt with live music by Daniel Bernard Roumain/DBR at National Sawdust (Brooklyn, NY) 2022. Event featured ASU students and guests Paola Prestini and members of New Jersey Symphony. SOCIAL DISTANCES (camera-close) collection of six short pieces written/directed by JMc. Featuring current/former ASU students Premiere (virtual) Dixon Place Hot! Festival (NYC) 2020 SIX MONOLOGUES 1990-2007 Book launch/performance/reading featuring JMc and former students reading/performing from book. Dixon Place Lounge (NYC) 2018; Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts (Venice, CA) 2019; Changing Hands Bookstore Phoenix (AZ) 2019 (OB)SCENE monologue presented as part of After Orlando International Theatre Action. Directed/performed by various actors in 10 venues internationally 2016-17. Version directed by JMc at Dixon Place Lounge (NYC 2017) as part of JMc produced event "Some Men" which included premiere performance of The Welcome LONG PLAYING ALBUM (solo) Ignite Phoenix Music at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. October 2016. Revised version Strong Words (Los Angeles 2017) WHAT IS IT WORTH/MARKET-BASED MEMORY 2012-14. work-in progress Arizona State University (February 2014), Performance Studies #18 (Univ. of Leeds, UK); Hemispheric Insitute for Performance and Politics Montreal, Quebec 2014 , Sao Paulo, Brazil 2013 TWO ARGUMENTS WITH MY MOTHER The Most of Lit Lounge, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts (Scottsdale, AZ) May 2013; Lit Lounge, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (Scottsdale, AZ) January 2013; Columbia Selects” curated reading by former Columbia School of the Arts MFA Writing students, KGB Bar (NYC) 2014 TRIBUTARIES short monologues. P.S. 122 Benefit June 2011; Dixon Place Lounge May 2012; MOTH Story Slam March/June 2012; Face to Face Theatre Festiva,l Lost Theatre, (London) July 2012. STRAIGHT TALK 6-character play written/directed by JMc. Dixon Place New York July 2010. CHANGING COURSES; THE REAL DINNER THEATRE Collaboration with Jacob Pinholster, Lance Gharavi, Jennifer Setlow, Amira De la Garza. work-in-progress showing Engrained Cafe, Arizona State University/Tempe April 2010. Corollary symposium Changing Courses Symposium: Race, Class, Sustainability and Food (organized/curated two guest speakers) Galvin Playhouse, ASU/Tempe 2010. COUNTER INDICATIONS installation/performance collaboration with designer Jake Pinholster. Supported by research grants from Herberger College of the Arts, Arizona State University and the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Work-in-Progress Space 55 (Phoenix) April 2008; excerpt for “Exploring American Internment Through Performance” at Burton Barr Central Library (Phoenix AZ) part of national Guantanamo Project coordinated by Columbia University 2013 SPECIAL OPERATIONS play for 3 actors (writer/director) Staged Reading Son of Semele Ensemble Los Angeles (December 2008); workshop Arizona State Univ. December 2004 FAILURE TO THRIVE (we small hours) monologue written and performed by JMc. Directed by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman. Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 2007); Dixon Place New York (July 2007; Teatro Caliente! Phoenix,AZ (November 2007); Highways Performance Space Santa Monica, CA (January 2008) HONORABLE DISCHARGE monologue (writer/director). "Teatro Caliente" at Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ October 2003 & April 25, 2004; Dixon Place, (NYC) July 2004; Performance Studies International #11 (Brown University) April 2005 A CERTAIN RELEASE work in progress April 2003, Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University; Reading at Dixon Place (NYC) July 2000 HEEL Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University, April 2002; excerpts: Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics “Anti-War Cabaret” New York University (July 2003); "Memoria/Memoire" webcast September 2002; "Reflect, React, Remember" Arizona State University December 2001 PROJECT DESIRE Collaboration with Brian Webb. The Citadel-Rice Theater/Jazz City Festival (Edmonton, Alberta) June 1997; Firehall Arts Centre (Vancouver, B.C.), Dancers’ Studio West (Calgary, AB) July 1997; Brian Webb Dance Company/John Haar Theatre (Edmonton, AB) November 1998; Dancemakers (Toronto, ONT), Performance Space 122 (NYC) May 1999 CITY OF GOD Solo. Premiere Dance Theater Workshop (NYC) December 1993; Dance Center/Columbia College (Chicago) March 1994; Brian Webb Dance Company (Edmonton, Alberta) May 1994; Contemporary Dance Theater (Cincinnatti, OH) October 1994; ArtsWatch (Louisville,KY) Huntington Beach Art Center (Huntington Beach, CA) September 1995; Excerpts at Los Angeles Festival September1993; Dixon Place (NYC) 1993; HOME/Public Theater NYC December 1992 TORN LANGUAGE/DIALOGUE OF DOUBT w/Elia Arce, Keith Mason. Premiere Dance Theater Workshop (NYC) March 1992; excerpts at Alternate ROOTS Annual Meeting (NC) August 1992 SCATTER Solo. Premiere "New Stuff" Performance Space 122 (NYC) March 1991 Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival August 1991; Newport Harbor Art Museum (CA) 9/91; Highways (Santa Monica, CA) 11/91; Cleveland Perf. Art Fest. 3/92 DISCONTENTS Solo. Premiere Dance Theater Workshop (NYC) March 1990; Cleveland Performance Art Fest. 5/90; Highways 12/90; Arts Fest. of Atlanta 9/89; Barnsdall Gallery Theater (LosAngeles) 11/89; "P.S. 122 Field Trips" at Oliphant Theater/DanceWorks (Toronto, CAN), Cameo Theater (Miami, FL), Klein Studio (Lake Worth, FL) 10/90; "Best of the Fest" at The Dance Hall (Cincinnati, OH) 10/90; Towson State Univ. (Baltimore, MD) 2/91; Temple Univ./Tyler School of Arts (Philadelphia, PA) 1/92; Center for Contemporary Art/Taos Art Assoc. (Santa Fe/Taos NM) 9/92; Jump-Start Theater (San Antonio, TX) 9/92 LIFE/TIME piece with mental-health clients. Hospital Audiences, Inc. at Ensemble Studio Theater NYC 6/89. AWAY FROM YOU Group piece. Premiere Performance Space 122 (NYC) November 1988. PERFECT PLACE Solo. Premiere Barn Theater (Chilmark, MA) July 1988; The Yard at ChoreoSpace (NYC) 9/88; New Years Portland Fest. (Portland, ME) 1/89. SHORT PERFORMANCES/BENEFITS/CLUBS: Highways 5/89; The Field Pagnano fund (NYC) 4/89; Movement Research (NYC)1988; Dixon Place (NYC) 5/88; Wah-Wah Hut (NYC) 4/88; "Barry Laine Memorial" and "Hothouse Project" at P.S. 122 1/88; P.S. 122 Benefit February 1991,1987, 1984, 1983. CALLING Solo. Premiere "New Stuff" at Performance Space 122 (NYC) April 1988; The Wallenboyd Theater (LA,CA) 8/88; Cleveland Performance Art Fest. 4/89. PALISADE: A CLIFFHANGER IN FIVE ACTS Site-specific collaboration with Jacki Apple. Santa Monica Arts Festival (Santa Monica, CA) August 1987. Audio portion: Art to Air-The Listening Room broadcast by Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester, NY) 12/89-2/90. CIRCLE OF LINES/DIVIDED GROUNDS Solo. P.S. 1 Spring Dance Series, June 1987, NYC; Dia Art Foundation NYC 10/87. IT IS YOU SPEAKING Solo. Zap Club (Brighton, England) 6/86; Institut Francais (Copenhagen) Negerhalle (Munich) 7/86; The Dance Hall (Cincinnati, OH) 10/86 MORE MOVING PICTURE Site-specific group. Presented by The Neuberger Museum (Purchase,NY) September 1985. YOUR HELPING HAND Premiere Performance Space 122, 1/85. The Kitchen NYC 11/84. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) 4/85. BELIEVE YOU ME solo. Premiere P.S. 1 NYC 4/83; Hallwalls (Buffalo, NY), Just Above Midtown (NYC) 12/83; Video Free America (San Francisco), LACE (LA) 10/83. RATE OF EXCHANGE Dance/Media solo. Franklin Furnace NYC 9/82; P.S. 122 12/82, Beyond Baroque (Venice, CA). 1/83 STURDY CHILD solo. Presented by Dancers For Disarmament at P.S. 122 June 1982. CULT OF PERSONALITY solo monologue. At "Three of Them", Club 57 NYC April 1982. LONG MARCH solo. P.S. 122 NYC July/August 1981. MEMOR solo theater P.S. 122 February 1981. SMILE AT KNIFE solo theater. Premiere "Men Together" Festival, P.S. 122 November 1980, "Avant-Garde-Arama" P.S. 122 12/80 FILM/VIDEO WORK: Alone: Edgar Allan Poe's Final Chapter. A play by Jesse D. Saywell (MFA Dramatic Writing candidate). Directed and co-produced virtual theatre/film adaptation 2021 (Ob)scene short narrative film written/directed by JMc. featuring Brandon Ferderer. Shot by Daniel Rampulla, edited by J. Miguel Munguia, score by Steven Reker. Premiere 2018 In It To Win! Co-director and lead writer for web-based series featuring Karen Schupp. Season One premiere January 2017 YouTube. Second season premiere January 2018. Cross Body Ride Dance film directed by J.M. Premiered Performance Space 122 Benefit (NYC) February 1988; Encuentro de Cine Super-8 (San Juan, Puerto Rico) 2/88; "New Stuff" P.S. 122 4/88; Exit Art Int. Forum of Super-8 Film Millenium (NYC) 5/88. 2nd NYC Gay/Lesbian Experimental Film Festival 10/88; 8th Chicago Lesbian/Gay Int. Film Fest. 11/88; Hallwalls (Buffalo, NY) 11/88; "NO-TV" Greater Rochester Cablevision Ch. 12 (Rochester, NY) 1/89; Montreal Int. Fest. for Young Cinema 3/89; "NEW TELEVISION" broadcast on public TV stations in NY, LA, Washington, D.C., Boston in June 1989; New Festival/NY Int. Fest. of Lesbian/Gay Film 6/89; San Francisco Int. Lesbian/Gay Film Fest. 6/89. "Eyes Wide Open" Dance Theater Workshop (NYC) 12/88. European Media Art Fest.(Osnabruck, Germany) 9/89; Interfilm Fest. Berlin 9/89; Shaffey Theater Video Dance Fest. Amsterdam 11/89. 4th Biennale de la Danse Lyon, France 9/90; IMZ Dance Screen 90 Frankfurt, Germany 10/90. Tell Me Moving Dance film directed by J.M. Premiered Performance Space 122 Benefit (NYC) February 1986; "New Stuff" at Performance Space 122 4/86, Chisenhale Dance Space (London) 7/86; Dance On Camera Festival (NYC) 11/86; Collective For Living Cinema (NYC) 11/86. Finalist in 8th Int. Fest. of Super-8 Film, and shown in Fest. of City of Quebec (Quebec) 4/87; 5th Int. Youth Film Fest. (Turin, Italy) 10/87. Award Winner in 13th Int. Fest. of New Super-8 Film and Video (Caracas) 9/88. PUBLICATIONS: BOOK: Six Monologues 1990-2007 by Jeff McMahon (NoPassport Press 2018) Reviewed Fabrik (November 2018) Reviewed Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide (Nov-Dec 2019) Reviewed TDR (Spring 2020 64:1 T245) BOOK CHAPTERS: Biographical essay for 50 Key Figures in Queer US Theatre (Routledge 2023) ed. Jordan Schildcrout and Jimmy A. Noriega "Jacki Apple 1941-2022" obituary in multiple journals including Artillery (2022) “John Bernd Zine” section of LOST AND FOUND; Dance New York, HIV/AIDS,Then and Now (Danspace Project 2016) ed. Ishmael Houston-Jones, Will Rawls “Pull Focus” Innovation in Five Acts: Strategies for Theatre and Performance ed. Caridad Svich (TCG 2015) “On men’s, and his own, watches” in Table Talk: From The Threepenny Review (Counterpoint Press 2015) ed Wendy Lesser, Jennifer Zahrt, Mimi Chubb "HEEL" and "Honorable Discharge" scripts Performing The Here & Now: AnIntroduction To Contemporary Theater & Performance Ed. 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Brian Wallis, Phil Mariani AWARDS/GRANTS/HONORS: SCHOOL OF FILM, DANCE AND THEATRE (ASU) Travel grants 2020, 2019, 2017 HERBERGER INSTITUTE FOR DESIGN & THE ARTS Research grants 2017, 2015, 2014, 2010 FUNDACIÓN VALPARAÍSO (Mojácar, Spain) monthlong writing residency Fall 2011 ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE FOR HUMANITIES RESEARCH: 2009 Seed Grant funding Changing Courses: the real dinner theatre EDWARD F. ALBEE FOUNDATION: awarded 5-week writing residency Montauk, NY 2009 ARIZONA COMMISSION ON THE ARTS project grant for Counter Indications collaboraiton with Jacob Pinholster 2008 HOSPICE OF THE VALLEY supporting Mayo Clinic (Scottsdale, AZ) nurse training project with ASU theatre students 2007 HERBERGER COLLEGE OF THE ARTS Research Grant 2007 for development of Counter Indications MAYO CLINIC (AZ) "Improving Caring Efficacy Through Effective and Compassionate End of Life Communication" 2006 CREATIVE CAPITAL FOUNDATION & ARIZONA COMMISSION ON THE ARTS mid-career artist management seminar 2006 NEW YORK STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS Playwright commission 2003 MONETTE/HORWITZ TRUST RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIP AWARD 2001 NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS INTER-ARTS PROJECT GRANT 1988 NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS FELLOWSHIPS 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1996 NEW YORK FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS FELLOWSHIP 1988. NEW YORK STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS Company funding 1988/89, 1989/90, 1993/94. NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS DANCE FILM/VIDEO PROJECT 1984. PANELS, ACADEMIC, AND OTHER PANEL CHAIR: “Exploring, Creating, Representing: The Diverse Performing Body” Chair, Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education (Orlando 2019) “After Affects: The Dramatics of the Victimizer’s Voice” Chair, Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education (Boston 2018) “From Triage to Marriage: Teaching GLBTQ Theatre and Film History” Chair, Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education (Montreal 2015) “What is it Worth?/Market-Based Memories” presentation/performance. Hemispheric Inst. for Performance and Politics (Montreal) 2014 “What is it Worth?” Investigation/Presentation. Hemispheric Inst. for Performance and Politics Univ. of Sao Paulo 2013“ "What is it Worth?” Investigation/Presentation. Performance Studies International #18 University of Leeds (UK) June 2012 “Moving through masculinity: rethinking maleness through theatre, movement and dance” Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education, Los Angeles August 2010 “Pulling the World Over Their Eyes” Lead juried workgroup. Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, Bogotá 2009 “Paid/Pay Attention” panel/presentation (accepted, did not attend) Performance Studies Int. #14 Copenhagen 2008 "Failure to Thrive (we small hours)" (performance) Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, Buenos Aires 2007 “Collaborative Teaching of Collaboration: Teaching Interdisciplinary Digital Media and Performance” College Art Association 2004 “New Theatre/New Media: integrating technology and live performance” Association for Theatre in Higher Education 2003 "Performance Art and Higher Education" (co-chair Lin Hixson) College Art Association 1995 "Performance Art and Higher Education" Assoc. for Theater in Higher Education 1995 PANEL MEMBER: “The Art and Legacy of Jacki Apple” James Gallery, Graduate Center/CUNY as part of exhibition We Are Beside Ourselves. 2022 Human Beings in Motion-Presence, Connection, and Communion panel, Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education (virtual due to Covid-19 pandemic 2020) Inside Out: Play, Performance, and Practice-as-Research. Hemispheric Inst. for Performance and Politics (2019 Mexico City) The Festival of Science & Religion-Think/Write/Publish. Performance coach for Fellows selected for presentations (Washington, D.C. 2018 & Pittsburgh 2017) Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes/ASU. HIV/AIDS in Higher Education Roundtable Assoc. for Theater in Higher Education (2016) accepted/not attending Performance Practice as Research. Workgroup. Hemispheric Inst. for Performance and Politics. (2016 Chile) accepted/not attending “Squeezing into (and out of) my Genes” presentation for Classculinity: Remember What Little Boys Are Made Of? Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education (Montreal 2015) “Running Around (and away from) Realism” workshop. Assoc. of Theatre Movement Educators/Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education. (Washington, D.C. 2012) “Community Based Art and Activism” Workshop/panel NoPassport Conference. Arizona State Univ (April 2012) Facilitator for Worldwide Views on Diversity Symposium (ASU 2012) “Counter Indications” No Passport Conference “Dreaming the Americas: Utopia in Performance” Nuyorican Café, (NYC 2010) “Creating Counter Indications-a misrepresentation as intervention” Performance Studies Int. #15 (2009 Zagreb) "Risking Innovation: Exploring Realistic and Heightened Movement When Approaching Heightened Texts” Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Education (NYC 2009) “Torture, Extraordinary Rendition, and the Aesthetics of Disappearance” presentation on creation of Counter IndicationsCollege Art Association (Los Angeles, 2009) "The Event of Autobiography" Performance Studies International #13 (NYC 2007) "The dance/theatre divide" ATME focus panel ATHE (New Orleans 2007) "The gay bathhouse as theatrical space" LGBTQ focus panel. ATHE (New Orleans 2007) "On the Ghoul Patrol: Delving into disasters and tragedies through live performance" Autobiographical Performance panel, Performance Studies Int.#12 (London) 2006 "Safe As Houses: one artist's life, New York City 1980-1995" for "The United States in the 1980s: the Reagan Years" Rothermere American Institute, Univ. of Oxford (U.K.) 2005 "Closure: The Gay Bathhouse and its Discontents" Society for Scientific Study of SexualityWestern Regional Conference (San Diego) 2004 "Dreams and Nightmares: Re-imagining Responsibility after 9-11" Assoc. for Theater in Higher Education (San Diego) 2002 “Art as an Agent of Social Change” & “The Responsibilities of Response: Terrorism, Disaster, and the Creative Community" Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics(ASU/Tempe) 2001 “Performance Art as Autobiography” Modern Language Association(Washington,D.C.) 2000 "Teaching Performance Art" Performance Art, Culture, Pedagogy Symposium (Penn State Univ.) 1996 "Activism, Art, Performance" Power In Practice Arts Education Conf. (Philadelphia, PA) 1996 "The personal and the political in live performance"American Dance Guild (NYC) 1991 "The Artist/therapist collaboration in early childhood education" (with Jane Wilson Downes) New York Foundation for the Arts' Common Ground (Saratoga Springs, NY)1992 "Censorship, funding, and new art" New York Foundation for the Arts' Common Ground 1990 PRODUCED/ORGANIZED: NoPassport Conference Steering Committee (2011-2012) Arizona State University Mayo Clinic Hospital/ASU School of Theatre and Film Palliative Care nurse training with graduate acting students 2006- 2008 "911: Calling the Creative Community," series of public events for ASU examining September 11 attacks (Tempe, AZ) October 2, 2001. OTHER PERFORMANCE WORK Here Lies Joy/All Sing chorus member for public performance of Daniel Bernard Roumain/Marc Bamuthi Joseph work (NYC Times Square) Prototype Festival (2023) Return to Cinders The Art Mob Choral ensemble (NYC) The Center (NYC) 2022 All Hell: The Trial of William Tecumseh Sherman by Dramatic Writing MFA candidate Jesse D. Saywell. staged reading at ASU. (role: Judge/Abraham Lincoln) 2019 Marathon Reading of Robert Mueller Report New Dramatists (NYC) Directed by Deb Margolin and recorded for Pacifica Radio (2019) Appointment performer in work by Aaron Landsman ASUGammage (Tempe) 2014 Fuse short collaborative work for School of Film, Dance, and Theatre, Arizona State University 2013 10 Tall Tales About the Men I Love actor in play based by Ronn Smith, adapted/directed by Thom Fogarty. Judson Memorial Church. (NYC) 2012 Build A Wall directed 10-minute play by Cary Pepper for "Performing 1070" Festival. ASU West and Arizona State Capitol 2011 Big Love choreographer for play by Charles Mee, directed by Kim Weild. ASU Mainstage Fall 2010 Disorientalism performer in piece by Marianne M. Kim, Katherine Behar ASU West 2008 The Cherry Orchard role of Leonid Gayev in Marshall W. Mason's production Arizona State University 2004 Lysistrata choreographed staged reading as part of nationwide anti-war performances Arizona State University 2003 911: Operation My Big Hands Theatre in My Basement (Phoenix,AZ) actor in reading at Modified Arts October 2002 Sound Zero produced Lance Gharavi’s solo installation piece. Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University 2002 As good as it gets, voice-over for Linda Mancini piece at DTW 1992 970-Debb Consulting Artist for Deb Margolin P.S. 122 1990 Yield Both Ways Assistant Cameraman for Michael Stiller's 1986 film How To Win An Argument voice-over for Warner Publishing educational tape. 1985. Produced by Gregory Miller The Campaign Game featured in radio play by E-Radiotheatre. Premiered July 1984 WBAI radio Street Performances performed in street performances with Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks 1983 Cost Of Living featured in Tim Miller's work-in-progress at Danceteria, NYC May 1982 Men In Dark Times featured in Eric Bogosian's theater piece The Kitchen NYC, The Mudd Club NYC 1982 Postwar featured in Tim Miller's piece Dance Theater Workshop NYC January-February 1982 Word Of Mouth produced and performed in reading/performance event at Club 57 NYC May 1981 Winter Safari produced benefit for P.S. 122 February 1981 Live Boys stage-managed performance by John Bernd/Tim Miller at P.S. 122 March 1981 What We're Made Of! by Ishmael Houston-Jones, Michael Biello, Dan Martin, Charles Cohen. The Glines at Network Theater NYC June 1980; Contemp. Arts Center, (Phila. PA) EDUCATION COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Writing Division 1996-1998. Master of Fine Arts October 1998 EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE/STATE UNIVERSITY NEW YORK 1992-95. Bachelor of Arts 1995; Leach Fellowship Performing Arts THE NEW SCHOOL Non-fiction writing with Candy Schulman Summer 1995 REED COLLEGE two years study 1975-77. Theatre with Larry Oliver and Diana Bellamy. Dance with Judy Massee. REED COLLEGE SUMMER REPERTORY COMPANY 1976 actor in company. VOICE TRAINING with Diana Bellamy and Stan Vincent in Lessac and Linklater techniques. SINGING LESSONS with John Eppler/Jeanette Lovetri in NYC. 1985-1994. Ira Siff (NYC) 2022-present SKINNER RELEASING two years of study with Joan Skinner and members of company. Seattle 1977-78. CONTACT IMPROVISATION with Mangrove Collective; JAMES TYLER Hawkins-based dance technique; DAVID SHEIN study with member of Blake Street Hawkeyes and Iowa Lab Theatre; RUTH ZAPORAH physical theater. San Francisco 1979. TEACHING: ​ ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Emeritus Professor 2022-present; Professor, School of Music, Dance and Theatre, Spring 2020-; Associate Professor (tenured), School of Film, Dance and Theatre at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Fall 2011-2020; Assistant Professor, Fall 2005-Spring 2011; Interim Director MFA Performance Program August 2003-May 2005; Senior Lecturer/Resident Artist, Institute for Studies in the Arts, Fall 2001-Spring 2003; (Tempe, AZ) KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY: Instructor in Performance Art, and Writing for Performance 1996-1998 (Kutztown, PA) CENTER FOR NEW DANCE DEVELOPMENT (Arnhem, The Netherlands) April 1991 OTIS ART INSTITUTE Instructor in Performance Art Fall 1991 Semester (Los Angeles, CA) ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN Instructor in Performance Art Fall 1991 Semester (Pasadena, CA) CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE FOR THE ARTS (CAL ARTS) Instructor in Dance Video Fall 1991 (Valencia, CA) VISITING ARTIST: University of Portsmouth (UK) 2018; Instituto Superior de Artes, (Havana, Cuba) 2004; Cal Arts’ Critical Studies Program 2000; Dartington College (Totnes, England) 2000; Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, Scotland) 2000; artsadmin (London) 2000, Arts University (Brno, Czech Republic) 1999; Univ. of Nevada/Las Vegas (1996); Univ. of Southern California (1995); Scripps College (Pomona, CA) 2000, 1995; Univ. of LaVerne 1995,1996 (LaVerne, CA) Columbia College, Chicago 1994; Univ. of California/Irvine 1989; Cleveland State Univ. 1989; State Univ. of NY/Brockport 1989; Martha's Vineyard Public Schools, Fall 1988; Los Angeles Poverty Dept. (Theater Group) 1988; Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA) 2000, 1985, 1987; Otis Art Institute (Los Angeles, CA) 1987,1995; Cal Arts 1985; Fieldston Perf. Arts Inst. (NYC) 6/92; Barnsdall Art Park (Los Angeles, CA) 7/87; BARD PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL (Red Hook, NY) lead writer of arts curriculum. 1999 LITTLE MEADOWS EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER (NYC) Artist in Residence 1991-1999 YOUNG AUDIENCES/NY workshops for NYC Public Schools in Creative Movement, March 1987-2001. LINCOLN CENTER INSTITUTE Workshops and teacher training in aesthetic education NYC public schools 1993-2001 ARTS HORIZONS Creative movement workshops and teacher training 1994-2001 ORCHESTRA OF ST. LUKES Aesthetic education program NYC schools 1996-1999 ARTSGENESIS Creative Movement workshops and teacher training in NYC public schools 1992-1995 ARTS CONNECTION/ARTS EXPOSURE: creative movement workshops in NYC public schools 1989-1994. NORTH CAROLINA ARTS COUNCIL Monthlong residency at Ocracoke School (Ocracoke, NC) May 1993 HOSPITAL AUDIENCES,INC. Dance and movement teacher for mental health facilities in NYC. 1983-89 LOCAL AND COMMUNITY PRESENTATIONS: Theatre Symposium presentation. Space 55 (Phoenix, AZ) 2008 "Redefining Displacement” followingLeandro Soto's performance. Part of ASU Art Research Grant organized by April Edwards and Leandro Soto. (ASU West) Spring 2006 "National Coming Out Day" guest panelist for Dr. Spencer's Human Sexuality class (ASU) 2005 "Politics in the arts" panel following performance of Embedded by Actors' Gang (Tim Robbins' company). Scottsdale Center for the Arts 2004 "Floor sensor array demonstration" with engineer Ozzie Kidane and Engineering grad students.Arts Media Engineering program, Digital Arts Ranch (ASU) 2003 RELATED ACTIVITIES RED WING PERFORMING GROUP, INC. Assoc. Director 1986-2011. PERFORMANCE SPACE 122 Associate Director 1982-86. UBIQUITY Board member of Arizona State University LGBTQ faculty/staff organization 2004-2011. CONTRACT NEGOTIATING TEAM 1999-2001 for Lincoln Center Institute Teaching Artists local (United Federation of Teachers). Activist: ARTISTS COALITION FOR GAY/LESBIAN MARCH ON WASHINGTON 1993 GET SMART! NYC anti-censorship group 6/90; NYC Arts Coalition 1990; ARTS COALITION OF INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATS (NYC) 1991-1994; DANCERS FOR DISARMAMENT 1982. CUMMINGTON COMMUNITY OF THE ARTS in residence September 1981. BOARD MEMBER/OFFICER of 512 East 11th Street HDFC (Low-income Housing Co-op) 1982-2001. Building Manager 1992-98. MEMBER: Dramatists' Guild of America, Playwrights' Center, National Writers Union, Center for Lesbian/Gay Studies; Association for Theater in Higher Education, Assoc. of Theatre Movement Educators. ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: Steven Kent Institute for Conscious Acting, University of LaVerne (2001-2016) CITATIONS “Just Above Midtown: Changing Spaces” exhibition Museum of Modern Art (NYC 2022-2023) featuring poster for my performance at Just Above Midtown in 1983 Performance/Media/Art/Culture by Jacki Apple reviewed by Daniel Bird Tobin Ecumenica: Performance and Religion (Penn State Univ. Press) p. 185-187 (2021) “John O’Reilly, 91; his montages merged time, movement” Boston Globe May 31, 2021 Review of Six Monologues 1990-2007 Lesbian & Gay Review Worldwide Nov-Dec 2019 Review of Six Monologues 1990-2007 (2020) TDR #T245 Performance/Media/Art/Culture: Selected Essays 1983-2018 by Jacki Apple, edited Marina LaPalma (Intellect Books, Bristol UK) 2019 p. 83-86 “Performing Language: From Stage to Page” Jacki Apple in Fabrik(November 2018 online) "The Downtown Scene as Studio, Subject, and Fantasy" a talk by Travis Chamberlain, Museum of Modern Art, NYC (2018) as part of exhibit “Club 57 Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village 1978-1983.” Featuring my drawing/poem "Westside Piers 1980's" Club 57 Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village 1978-1983 (Museum of Modern Art 2017 New York) exhibition catalog Worcester Art Museum Exhibitions: John O’Reilly Retrospective (2017) "The Againness of Vietnam in Contemporary United States Antiwar Choreography", August 2015--Chapter Four: Choreographic Re-Imagination: Victoria Marks' Action Conversations and Jeff McMahon's Scatter, p. 182-220. PhD dissertation in Critical Dance Studies by Jessica Spring Dellecave (2015 Univ. of California/Riverside) “Changing the Narrative on Gun Control: Is Theater Up to the Task?” D. W. Gregory (2013) HowlAround “Causing More Trouble Out There: Mark Russell on P.S. 122” Beth Kurkjian TDR/The Drama Review 51:3 (T195)Fall 2007 Before, Between, and Beyond: Three Decades of Dance Writing Sally Banes (Univ. of Wisconsin) 2007 "Performing Identity: The Politics and Pedagogy of Witnessing the Self" Doctoral dissertation by Dahn Hiuni (Pennsylvania State University May, 2005) Honorable Discharge BarrioZona Hispanic Inst. of Social Issues (Phoenix, AZ) Nov-Dec 2004 Homecoming: Celebrating 20 Years of Dance at P.S. 122. Film by Charles Dennis (2004) Dance on Paper, Drawings, Marks and Notations an exhibition at Zoellner Arts Center Main Gallery, Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA) in conjunction with New Arts Program (Kutztown, PA) 2002 "When Artists Hesitate" Samar Farah (Christian Science Monitor 3/7/02) Performing Pedagogy: Toward an Art of Politics by Charles Garoian (SUNY 1999) Art, Activism, and Oppositionality: Essays from Afterimage Ed. Grant H. Kester (Duke Univ. Press 1998) p. 125 from: Kessler, Grant. “Rhetorical Questions: The Alternative Arts Sector and the Imaginary Public” Afterimage Jan. 1993) Caught In The Act Dona Ann McAdams (Aperture 1996) The NEA Tapes (1995) Paul Lamarre, Melissa P. Wolf “Dollars and Censorship” Susan Sturgis The Village Voice January 18, 1994 “The Heart of the Artist” Dance Ink (July/August 1991) quoted in essay by Wendy Perron Ballet & Modern Dance Susan Au (Thames and Hudson) 1988 “The East Village and Its New Gay Ways” by Dennis Cooper The Advocate (March 19, 1985) “Performance Art: In Tempo With the Times” by Barry Laine The Advocate (July 7, 1983) “Gay Plays, Gay Theatre, Gay Performance” by Terry Helbing The Drama Review/TDR 1981 Vo. 25. No 1 *Over 50 performance previews and reviews published in: The Village Voice, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Edmonton Journal, The Chicago Reader, The Baltimore Sun, The Toronto Star, Drama-Logue, Miami Beach Antenna, Dialogue, High Performance, Chicago Tribune, Cincinnati Enquirer, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Los Angeles Daily News, Artweek Interviews: KJZZ Phoenix (NPR) Robrt Pela January, 2002 KPFK Los Angeles "Soundings" hosted by Jacki Apple 1993, 1991, 1985 TV Baltimore, Maryland 1991 ARCHIVED: Jerome Robbins Dance Collection, NY Public Library at Lincoln Center Kudos Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics Alive and Kicking #58 (documentation of Project Desire at P.S. 122) Estate Project. For work relating to AIDS (2004) Franklin Furnace Online archive Artstore Eye On Dance (broadcast series) #281 “Wedding Dance to Video & Film” Study Room, Live Art Development Agency (London, UK) 2006 The Library of Performing Rights Cleveland Performance Art Festival archive in Special collections at Cleveland State University Library Majazé Maggazino Culturale in Catania, Italy (solos 1987-94) 2005 Burt Supree (dance critic 1976-1992) archive Personal video archive on Vimeo
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